SEMANA SANTA 2015 Easter photography course in Cadiz, Spain

Semana Santa – Holy Week or EASTER to the English speaking world – is celebrated on a massive scale, and is a spectacle that takes place both in the streets, and in the churches of the city.

Cadiz during Semana Santa smells of incense and candlewax.

Our course will take you into the maze of Cadiz streets, to view the processions and mingle with the locals. It’s essentially a street photography course, and specifically a course on shooting in crowds, from daylight into the dark.

The floats move in a bouncy rythm, rocking from side to side, carried from underneath by strong men, to the rythm of drums and brass.

“Brought up on a diet of Jazz, I never thought I’d ever enjoy marching music. Until I realized that the cornets on Concierto De Aranjuez on Miles Davies’ Sketches of Spain is based on exactly these tunes. Sometimes it’s even funky!” – Gry


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