The MOROCCO photo Weekend in Tangier


LUZIA photo courses offers an excellent opportunity to explore a completely different culture with your eyes, ears and your camera. Tangier is only 14 kilometres away from the Cadiz coast. Muslims, Christians and Jews live side-by-side.

Artists such as Delacroix, Matisse, Paul Bowles, Tennessee Williams, William Burroughs, The Rolling Stones and George Orwell have spent quite an amount of time walking its streets and enjoying its atmosphere in what was once described as an ‘international zone’.

Artists came here to experience the intense light and color of Morocco, and we too will focus on mastering light, capturing the colour and exploring these impressions through travel photography.

An introduction to street photography helps you make use of different camera settings suitable for street photography and detail. The scope is to practice our photography skills, not just technically– but also in terms of storytelling. To enjoy, and spend some good time and have some great images to show friends and family.

Immersing ourselves in the streetlife allows us to get to know better the city and its inhabitants, and get to shoot portraits rather than just scenery. For those who prefer the scenery, there is plenty of historical legacy in design and architecture, as well as interesting cityscapes and seascapes.

You’ll be sure to enjoy the exotic hubbub of the Medina, the labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets, taking in the smell of the spices, or simply enjoying a té and talking to natives.

The course is taught by Ignacio Fando – otherwise known as Nacho –   a ‘gaditanian’ photographer well travelled and also English speaking. Together with Gry Garness he is one half of LUZIA photo course holidays. Nacho has been to Morocco many times.

His enthusiasm toward photography and culture is contagious and makes him the perfect leader for a trip like this.

The course is suitable for enthusiastic people of any age. It’s an intense and adventurous course in an exciting location, and it’s up to you how much (or little) you wish to shoot, but do be prepared to be on the move. There is some moderate walking; steep streets full of people, but a moderate level of fitness is sufficient.

Maximum places are 4. A group big enough to get to know people and small enough to get the best out of it, learning some photography and enjoying a fun weekend!

See our PHOTO COURSES 2015 or make an enquiry now by EMAIL. Call us on 34 657 368 948 (Spain).

2 day weekend- £164 – All transportation, accommodation included!



– You must have a valid passport.

– You will need to change money into DIRHAMS

– People are generally kind and respectful although muslims traditions must be observed. No alcohol consumption is allowed in public spaces neither in most of  cafes or hotels. Dress decently. Try avoiding shorts or transparencies.

– The trip across the Strait might be rough. Bring pills if you are prone to sicknesses!

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