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Torre Tavira is a must-see attraction in Cadiz. It’s one of the old 18th Century watchtowers and is also the highest, with a tremendous view of the old city from its top terrace. It has a Camera Obscura that shows the city of Cadiz live in a white dish screen. Being ‘inside the camera’ is an excellent way to get your head around the simple concept of photography, and we like to take our attendees there on the very first day.

Javier Reina Gutierrez is a talented Cadiz designer and architectural photographer whose input we always value. Have a look at his work!

Coutours is a London partner of ours, offering bespoke tours of London and also some short photography courses. They offer both ‘ready-to-walk’ guided walking tours and tailor made London tours.

Cadigrafia is a design and branding agency in Cadiz: “Construimos marcas, desde un pequeño rincón del sur, últimamente orientados a la gastronomía y el turismo, una maravilla poder disfrutar de pequeños placeres durante nuestro trabajo. Diseño, imagen, campañas de publicidad, exposiciones,eventos etc.. son algunas de las cosas que sabemos hacer.”

Polar Fokus Photo Festival in Tromsø, Norway is an inspiring event for photo enthusiasts. It takes place in October every year. Gry was a guest photographer there in 2010 and we hope to visit again this year. The site is in NORSK, so mostly interesting for our Norwegian friends!

Gadir- Escuela Internacional de Español, is a friendly language school in Cadiz. Look to the bottom of the page if you need info in other languages. If you’re interested in attending Gadir and doing some photography with us, please contact us to discuss it. Shortly we will add more info on mixed courses we are preparing together. Spanish language and photography classes, don´t miss it!

This blog: Asuntos fotográficos (Photographic matters) writes about the success of Spanish photographers and how the industry itself is doing well… ‘a miracle the number of spanish photographers, and people related with photography that is doing astonishingly well in the big arenas…

For online photo courses this might interest you. Open Colleges in Australia. One of Australia’s pioneer and leading providers of web design Courses. Patrick del Rosario, one of their tutors is responsible for the freelance-journalist photo course. Check it out here.

Here are just a few…

August 12, 2015. FoodieHub suggests 6 places to eat at Costa de la Luz. We know them all and agree on being extraordinary!

October 3, 2014. ‘El Viajero’ Magazine from El PAIS newspaper dedicates Cádiz an article… what to do in 24 hours!

Monday 29th of September 2014. The Daily Telegraph shows the 20 oldest’s cities in the world. Guess who’s in it?

Saturday, September 27, 2014. The Guardian gives some good tips on where to saty, what to eat, drink and more. We like that Sanlúcar suddenly seems to be gaining more importance than rather the more touristic areas like Jerez. Check it out. 

The ‘Matkailulehti Mondo’, Finnish ‘Mondo’ Travel Magazine choose Cadiz as the best 2014 family tourist destination. The news in spanish, here.

In UK/London Metro 29.May they even mentioned ourselves! This is more about the Cadiz region than the city itself.

Here’s a blog that we like, listing 15 good reasons to discover Cadiz.

A modern way to drink Sherry, written on The Times.

When Sherry saved Cadiz. A historical view on one of the attacks on Cadiz perpetrated by the Viscount of Wimbledon and how sherry ‘saved’ the city.

Beaches, beaches, beaches…. This page tells you all about the Costa de la Luz beaches, and about half of them are on our course itineraries. But they are missing a couple of nice ones too…

La Perla de Cadiz always offers a great night out, if you like authentic Flamenco.

A general Cadiz guide, here…

Sol y mar en Cadizfornia … we like it! This is how El Pais describes the Cadiz region!

When Elle features Cadiz it’s in a very polished and stylized way… maybe going a bit far in boutiqui-ing it up. But do have a look!

This article on Cadiz by Cristina Martínez Sacristán is a bit more down to earth.

Cadiz seen from the above-mentioned Torre Tavira is an interesting piece, in Spanish. We always bring our visitors there.

This one is also about Torre Tavira, and about the experience of going up the tower. It’s so interesting that with a 360 degree view, all travel features seem to use the same angle on Cadiz. This one starts with the same old shot towards the Cathedral and Playa Victoria, but it shows other views as well.

And in Norwegian: Du kan lese litt om Cadiz på norsk i Wikipedia.



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