The CADIZ CARNIVAL photography holiday in Andalucia, Spain

The CARNIVAL course is a perfect choice for aficionados of street photography. The Cadiz Carnaval is in fact the second-largest after Rio. It’s a 2-week party where people get dressed up in costumes, to join in or watch this explosion of street performances. The ‘chirigota’ bands – see example – sing and play with great irreverence, parody and word-plays. Visually, it’s an amazing array of colours, strong faces, gestures and crowd involvement. There’s also an official contest, taking place at Gran Teatro Falla.

Cadiz wakes up from winter slumber and it’s the ultimate street party, with amazing colors, faces, music and parades!

It’s easy to get involved in the Carnival, even as a visitor with no knowledge of Spanish, because the people are so friendly. You don’t come here for the scandalously small costumes or the glamour. This is a much more satirical and comedy based carnival, and even though you may not know the language, it’s not hard to get the point!


This course gives the most gratifying opportunity to do street photography, and we are here to guide you on how to interact with people and use non-verbal communication to capture strong portraits as well as candid street action. We look at angles and positioning in the crowds, as well as timing, and what to look out for. Technically, we advise you on using the best exposures for these situations, and how to shoot into the blue hour and beyond, in mixed lighting – whether or not you want to use camera flash.

We take it beyond street photography, and also arrange set ups with artistes and locals.

We include an arranged group portrait session with chirigota ‘artistas’, as well as a shoot during rehearsals, and we also enjoy a stage performance the contest.

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3-day Weekend course  13 Feb – 15 Feb £300

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