Costa de La Luz – “The Coast of Light” is the perfect place for learning about photography!

The light here on the “Coast of Light’ is something else. It has a brilliance which is both inspiring and rewarding, and sometimes challenging  because of its brightness. It makes colours vivid, with deep shadows and rich textures. The sea is sparkling clean, and changes mood all the time. Spain, and especially this region, has the most blue-flagged beaches in Europe. We do enjoy the sea a lot here, but we also appreciate going inland once in a while. This is officially Europe’s sunniest destination, with up to 310 days of sunshine a year.

If you like to swim, there are never-ending beaches of fine golden sand.

If you like to surf, there are good waves on this Atlantic coast. If history is your thing, well… we are in a place that at one time defined the course of Spanish history, and you can feel it as soon as you arrive! If you like to eat, you’ve come to the right place. Nacho will tell you his theory about the origin of the word lunch. It may be far-fetched, but it seems quite natural that the word lunch may have come from this place! It certainly is the most celebrated meal, and we enjoy it to the full. If you like to drink, it’s not so badly catered for either; our neighbouring town Jerez is synonymous with Sherry. There are loads of Bodegas that serve not just the sweet Sherry, but also the dry Fino that goes down so well with Tapas, and you’ll be sure to enjoy the wine and beer here too.

Costa de la Luz is also very different from Costa del Sol in that the people here are mostly Spanish, and that the Spanish culture is alive and directed more towards the Spanish people themselves. In fact it’s so authentic that many shops and bars have staff that do not speak English at all, but people are generally very friendly and do their best to communicate with visitors.

Very few people get to see the pearls that we share with you.

This is the benefit of insider knowledge! Some of the places are such well kept secrets that they are unknown to people who live here. Other places are well-known, but have kept their charm. What you won’t be doing here is eating fish & chips on a clone of the average UK high street, drinking in an Irish Pub or a German bar. But you can enjoy some seafood at a Chiringuito beach bar, or simply gaze at Morocco in the distance. This is Southern Spain for real!

This part of the Andalusian region has several protected natural reserves, such as the salt marshes outside Cadiz. The landscape is very varied, between the pancake-flat marshes, contrasting with the Sierras de Cadiz, the hilly agricultural fields, the steep Moorish white villages clambering on rocks, to the dunes and the sea.

The only thing you’ll lament is the lack of time to see it all.

There’s enough to fill years, but you may only have a week here, and we’ve made some great choices of setting, both for photography and unforgettable experiences.



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