Useful stuff if you’re coming to Cadiz: How to get here, flights and weather

We have over 300 days of sunshine a year, with the most fantastic weather in the summer. By the time we start our course season any winter/spring rain will have abated, although there is still a chance of moody weather in March and April. We just find that it makes it more interesting, and can produce a variation of lights to shoot in. In fact, our best pictures are shot on those days when the sky is a bit more interesting. In the summer you’ll often find that the sky is solid blue for weeks on end. If you come from the UK that’s probably not a great complaint!



Cadiz is a peninsula jutting out from a bay. With San Fernando it actually forms an island, but you can drive here, either entering via the bridge from Puerto Real or through the thin strip of road from San Fernando. Some people get put off by the industrial view to the shipbuilding yards over the bridge, but we see the beauty in the cranes and structures. It contrasts so well to the architecture of the old town. In fact the new town isn’t that special, it’s pretty much like any other new town, apart from its narrow shape and the presence of the beach and Paseo Maritimo along the entire stretch of town. As you drive through  you’ll normally follow the central avenue, Avenida de Andalucia, before you enter the gate through the city’s defensive wall at Puerta Tierra. Once in the old town, you’ll have to navigate through Plaza Mentidero and to Plaza San Antonio, where there is an underground parking lot. We recommend parking here, as parking on the streets is tricky.


There are trains both from Jerez Aeropuerto and Sevilla Santa Justa, although you are advised to check train times, because especially to the airport, the trains are not too frequent nor late. Here you can check the timetable. Línea C-1 airport-Cadiz leaves at 7:20, 13:25 y 19:20 (mon-fri) or on weekends at  8:20, 13:25 y 19:20. Cadiz-airport leaves 6:10, 12:10 y 18:10 (mon-fri) and weekends at 7:10, 12:10 y 18:10. The Línea Sevilla-Cádiz (Media Distancia) also stops week-days at the airport – to Cadiz: 7:35; 9:49; 11:43; 13:45; 15:46; 17:45; 18:46 and 22:42. Sevilla trains Cadiz-airport leave at  5:35, 6:35, 9:35; 11:35; 14:35; 15:35; 17:35 y 18:35. There are also trains from Malaga, but they are not direct, so you have to change at Sevilla. In total it should take about 4 hours. There is a direct train from Madrid, which takes about 4 hours. This info may change at any time, so please check here (you can also buy ticket online).


If coming from the east coast, for example Malaga, there is a also a bus. Unfortunately it’s not very comfortable and not fast, but you can see the timetable here.


Our nearest airport is Jerez. British Airways fly daily from Heathrow to Jerez via Madrid. There are cheap direct flights from London Stansted between mid-March and mid-November, which is our season for the courses. The flights run on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. The flights back to Stansted leave 21.25 and arrive about 23.10. There are also Ryanair flights from Düsseldorf Weeze (selected days from March onwards) and Frankfurt Hahn (selected days from March onwards) and Barcelona. There is a cheap and nice train between Cadiz and the airport – see above. Should you be coming from Gibraltar, Malaga, or Sevilla, please contact us and we’ll find the best solution for transfer.

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