Budha Madre


As the road unravels through palm trees and ‘chumberas’ (a very common cacti around this area), you get the feeling you’ve taken the wrong turn and that you’re heading directly into the bulls barn; but then, you see colourful lights in the distance and your heart starts pumping in excitement… we’re here!

In the middle of the country side, between El Palmar beach and Vejer de la Frontera, there is a group of friends who have set a whole stage inside a truck, to perform every wednesday Music Jam Sessions.

Budha Madre, is this Music Association’s name. A playful expression in reference to a common spanish slang way of saying AMAZING!


It is certainly amazing how, once you manage to get there (there aren’t any signs on the way), you can listen to many different kinds of music, from Rock ’n Roll to Reggae, Jazz, Brazilian or even Metal, depending on who’s on stage…

As if they were waiting for Cinderella to arrive from her dance in a pumping, the Jam Sessions start at 12 o’clock, and as long as the night lasts, everyone is free to join in and perform what they’re best at or simply enjoy the show with a beer.




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