The LUZIA photography instructors: Ignacio Fando and Gry Garness


She has a natural gift for colour, blended with an analytic eye, making her comments and assesments of great value.She has a natural tendency for smiling, thus serious when needed… her charm and sweet manners makes her communication skills over the top. She was raised in a pretty damn cold country so her joy for sun almost matches her incredible strength of will.

She is lovely…I remember one day that we were shooting at the beach, I stood observing her for a minute trying to guess what she was thinking… there she was, infront of a huge extension of almost white sand, the sun slowly setting, and I could see her touched by the different hue of colours appearing on the sun´s way towards the horizon. Although what surprises me the most about Gry is her capacity for dreaming and making those come true.

Nacho is a natural born shooter, actually a fourth generation photographer! He has a remarkable eye for interesting compositions, often picking up on details that tell a story. He’s never afraid to try something impulsive and he usually gets it right. That’s a trait of Nacho’s character I really like, he’s always ready to try the impossible and he pushes it till it works.

When it comes to solving problems he’s a terrier, never giving up, but calmly trying till he finds a solution. He also has a way of doing things with great apparent ease, and without any fuss.

He’s also got an amazing appetite for life, a catching sense of humour and a enthusiastic attitude that makes other people feel great about themselves. He likes to share his knowledge, but is never patronizing, often making fun of himself. On the one hand he’s essentially Spanish, and on the other hand he’s influenced by his international background, and is very open-minded.


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